for Instantaneous flow rate measurement.

  • Nominal diameter DN 50 to DN 1000

  • Nominal pressure PN 6 to PN 250

  • Maximum temperature 550 °C (600 °C)

  • Materials carbon steel, stainless steel and heat resisting steel

  • Construction according to EN ISO 5167



Pitot Tube Flow Sensors

for gas, steam and liquid applications

Sensors for highest requirements, outstanding accuracy and reliability.

  • low pressure loss

  • adaption specific to the application

  • available in various materials


Orifice Metering Runessstrecken

  • Nominal diameter DN50 to DN1000 for spot extractions

  • Nominal diameter DN50 to DN300 for chamber extractions

  • Nominal pressure PN6 to PN250

  • Material of straight sections P235GH, E355SR, 1.4541

  • Material of disk 1.454

  • Optional length of straight sections

  • Optional versions of connection sections

  • Meets requirements EN ISO 5167-1 and EN ISO 5167-2

  • Certificate according to Directive PED97/23/ES.