Relative humidity & temperature sensor

For harsh & industrial application, laboratory QC & OEM integration

Wateract-air® is a smart, rugged and compact humidity sensor dedicated to gas. It features an integrated temperature sensor. The relative humidity of gasses affects the performance, the lifetime and the safety of many industrial processes: monitoring humidity might be of a great help in preventing costly, accidental failures.

The Wateract-air® is best suitable for the surveillance of gas turbines, compressors, heaters, the surveillance of high voltage transformers, the food design & storage, or for the Quality Control of pharmaceutical products. The Wateract-air® product line is delivered – calibrated, featuring both digital or analog outputs. An acquisition software is also available for data reading & recording.

Versatile, the Wateract-air® can either be screwed onto pipes or enclosures (SCREW design), or immerged into chambers (SLIM design). Plug & Play, rugged, it can be easily positioned at the heart of your installations, either as a process controller or as an OEM. The Wateract-air® is ATEX certified and can be easily hand-carried for on-site measurements.

The Wateract-air® benefits from the exclusive Reefuge® sensing & protecting technology that provides an unrivaled endurance to highly contaminated fluids and provides an excellent dynamic behavior and repeatability.