Water activity sensor for harsh applications, moisture in oil sensor with integrated temperature probe

Water activity indicates how close water condensation is, ranging from 0 (dry fluid) to 1 (free water). It depends on fluid’s composition, ageing, pressure and temperature conditions. As a result, a given water absolute concentration (in ppm) would lead to free water in some given conditions, and to dissolved water in some others.

This is why water activity is the only way to accurately prevent installations from moisture-related issues.

The WATERACT® is best suitable for the detection of upcoming failures occurring to lubricated systems as turbines, gearboxes, marine and power engines, the surveillance of high voltage transformers.

Versatile, the WATERACT® can either be screwed onto pipes or enclosures (SCREW design), or immerged into oil baths (SLIM design). Plug & Play, rugged, it is easily positioned at the heart of your installations, either as a field instrument or as an OEM sensor. The WATERACT® is ATEX certified.

Typical applications are:

  • Water activity measurement and/or absolute water concentration (in ppm) of high voltage transformer oil
  • Water activity metering of hydraulic oils
  • Water activity surveillance of lubricating oils, rotating machineries